One Ring to rule them all.. (1)

I am on holiday these days.. and I use this time to do some film marathons.. Lately I have not watched too many films.. but as the days grow shorter and the evenings darker I of course enjoy snuggling up on my couch and watching films.. I hope I will come back into blogging mood, too.. Hope some of you are still around.. 

Since I am  - not very patient though.. I have to confess - awaiting the release of THE HOBBIT in December (on December, 13 to be specific..) I spent some time now re-watching THE LORD OF THE RINGS.. A short post series ahead?? Oh.. you can bet your sweet smiles on it! ...

Right now I finished watching

(New Zealand/ USA, 2001)

 by Peter Jackson.. 

And I think I will not spare you some of my thoughts about it.. that is about one character there I really adore..

But first: I cannot believe how old this film is by now.. 2001??? That is crazy... ok.. that was that.. though... honest?? ....  2001???? ....

What was I about to say?

oh.. yes..

There is one character in THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS I find most interesting.. He is brave, he is loyal, he is easily annoyed, he is at times weak - and he is luckily looking like Sean Bean.. Yes.. it is Boromir.. I love him. I think he is one of the most interesting characters in this film..

Well.. I will not sing long songs about him.. I want to go back to blogging in small steps.. (better for all of us..) 

- just have a look:

~ ... ~

Thank you.. and now I am off for THE LORD OF THE RINGS : THE TWO TOWERS...