Swinging with a star and start of Heroines - Spinsters and other strange people

Remember when I said instead of doing themed months I will do several series? Ok - here is another of those new series. This time in a little cross-over with my "old" series Swinging with a star.. This new series will feature all those persons of whom I dreamt to be like and those I could and/or can relate to.. As always nothing special  I fear - just random little posts with little declarations of love and affection.. So - here we go with a girl which I adored - well.. actually was in love with.. Or at least would have loved to be her..

When I was a child a certain TV show was rerun - it was a series in which a young girl was the heroine.. And I bet when I say "houseboat" most of you will know about whom I am talking. Yes - I gave my heart to TAMMY (1965-1966). The series was called "Tammy - das M├Ądchen vom Hausboot" (= Tammy - the girl from the houseboat) here.

Debbie Watson as Tammy ..

Here is the theme sung by my beloved Conny Francis

For the purists among you - here we have Debbie Reynolds singing the song for the original film TAMMY AND THE BACHELOR (1957) - the song became a huge hit.. and I was not surprised to learn that..

Back then it was usual to have special German versions of Theme songs.

Just for fun I have here the theme song also in German -  sung by Angela - and you can tell that this is a 60's version - can't you?

It was one of my alltime favourite songs.. and I still love it - no matter which version.. I love this melody.. I still get a bit of a heartache when I am listening to it..

I was determined to live on a houseboat.. Yes, that was my plan. I loved all about it - and all those animals..  And Tammy was so pretty.. And her name! Gosh.. I did love that name - and if my parents would have allowed me to have a pet - I am sure I would have named it Tammy.. (or maybe Lucius..) - but I wasn't allowed.. So I hoped to grow up soon to change my name into Tammy.. Yes.. Little fan girl was a fan down to her bones.. And little fan girl would have been happy to hear that very soon the DVD edition will finally will find it's way to my little DVD collection.. Hence the post.. And I do so hope that I still will like it.. 

Well.. that's that for now.. 

Hope you all will have a great weekend!