All day long I thought of you..

Well.. not of YOU maybe.. though.. who knows.. no.. actually it was her:

Romy Schneider.

Exactely 30 years ago on May 29, 1982 she died at the age of 43. And when ever I wrote today's date down today (and I wrote it quite often) I was thinking of her.. She is one of my really favourite actresses ever. I know I use "favourite actress/actor" a lot - there are so many I like.. But there is a little "inner circle" of just a few.. A few of whom the most are a little dickey or have a little crack.. The broken and despaired.. ok.. let's leave that..

Back to Romy and me.. 

We met when we were very young.. she was a teenager and became Empress of Austria and married a really boring man (sorry, Mr. Böhm.. but: Franz Joseph wasn't the kind of guy I would go for..)

~ I hated and loved those SISSI-films..
- but I think I might write some posts about those films which made her a star in Germany later on..

 and I was a child and became obsessed with films.. - not because of her or her films - it was just that we met at the right moment - and the more I learnt about her troubles and fights the more we grew together.. She gave me a feeling of being ok even if all people around you expect things of you you do not want or are not able to do. A feeling of not beeing alone..

And for I found her not sooo breathtaking when she was young but just beautiful when she grew older I had the hope that maybe someday even I could be pretty.. a bit.. well thoughts of a caterpillar looking at a butterfly, I guess..

Since then we spent a lot of time together.. 

We cried together 

We were afraid together

We laughed together

We had a heck of a time - though she was dead already and all that was left were some shimmering images on film - but at some points I think: we all are merely some glimmer in another person's eye..

She was the best friend I never had - so:

Romy, I think I love you.